Best way to get groceries delivered to Boardwalk Resort?

Whats the best way to get groceries delivered to your room at boardwalk?
What are the main grocery stores nearby? Whole foods and Publix?
Is amazon prime a good way if you’re a prime member?

I used Prime to have both groceries and regular items delivered and it was fine.

I also used Instacart to have Publix/Walgreens/Target delivered and I ended up using that more regularly.

If you’re having alcohol delivered, you need to be there to sign for delivery and show ID. If not, bell services can accept the delivery and will store it, including perishables, until you can pick it up (if you’re just arriving or if you’re in the parks).

This helped me a lot and had the zip code so I could do research on my own after.

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In 2020, I looked at Instacart, Prime, and Garden Grocer. At that time, Instacart was the cheapest option that had the items we wanted. Prime had the fewest options (meaning, too many of things we wanted they didn’t have). GG was most expensive.

Not sure if the same holds true now.

Does prime deliver to your to your room or the front desk?

No one delivers to the room, AFAIK. We had to meet the delivery person at the front. Bell services will accept some items, but I don’t know the full rules as to what they do or don’t allow. I think they can’t accept alcohol or cold stuff at BS.