Best way to get from Contemporary Resort to beach Club

I am traveling to WDW on April 28th. On Sat the 28th I have dining reservations at Chef Mickey’s.
We are staying at the Beach Club. After dinner we plan to get on the monorail and then transfer to a bus to take us back to the Beach Club.
Do you think it is faster/better to get a bus back to Beach Club from the Transportation & Ticket Center or to take the monorail all the way to Magic Kingdom and get a bus from there?

Hotel buses do not go to TTC. You’d have to catch the Beach Club bus at MK. From the Contemporary, you can either walk to the MK (short walk) or take the monorail or boat. The monorail would have to stop at the TTC, Poly, and GF, before arriving at MK. Walking to MK would be a little quicker, but maybe your goal is to ride the monorail for the fun of it.

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That is SO helpful. Thank you!

You can’t get a boat from the Contemporary to MK. Unless you take a boat to WL or FW and change onto another boat from there.

If you have loads of time, take the monorail for an almost complete loop round, then get a bus. Otherwise just walk to the bus station. Either way you’ll need to go through security.

This is such great info. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

Another option if you have park tickets for that day is to walk through EP and catch the monorail to TTC and change.

Thanks so much for this thought. It is our arrival day so we don’t have park tickets so I think the plan of taking a nice monorail ride back to the Magic Kingdom and getting a bus there to the beach club will likely work best. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this thought.

I would walk from the CR to MK and take a bus to the BC.