Best way to get adjoining rooms?

My wife and I are taking my son and his family to WDW between Christmas and New Year. We are a party of seven with reservations for two standard view rooms at the Poly. Question is how do we get adjoining rooms, one with a king bed and the other with enough beds to accommodate two adults and three kids ages 7 to 3? Do any of the rooms have doors that allow passage from one room to another without having to go out into the main hallway? Also the three year old needs an afternoon nap or he gets cranky. Are any of the rooms better than others for a youngster to take a nap?

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First off, you need to request “connecting rooms”, not adjoining. They mean different things, adjoining could be opposite sides of the hall way, it just means near to.

Secondly, I think a King room is just a request, not a bookable category. Therefore you would need to decide which is your top priority request: connecting or King.

If the family of 5 is on one reservation, then they should get a room with the three beds.

Are these two separate reservations? If so, the request for each should include the words “travelling with” and the other reservation number.

I would phone and ask for the request to be added for each reservation.

I can’t answer as to whether there are connecting rooms of one king and one queen rooms, sorry.

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We just returned from 6 days in the Poly. We had two connecting rooms with my wife and I in room 1820 with a king bed and my son and his family including his wife and three kids sharing the connecting room. Having a door between the rooms proved to be very desirable. If you want a king bed you are limited in choices because the Poly has only 10 rooms with king beds. Most of the rooms have two queens.

Helpful info! What building were you in? We are getting ready for our stay at the Poly with my family (DH, myself, 4 kids) and my parents and also are hoping for connecting rooms.