Best way to find out about hour changes?

Is there a mailing list I can sign up for? Do I just need to check the Disney site every morning? They just change the EMH at HS from morning to evening for my March trip, wondering if that signifies a potential change in opening hours, and want to know ASAP if that happens.

Are you tracking the days through touring plans (either subscribe to the days or set up a trip on your dashboard)? They always email me right away.


Oooh, maybe that’s my problem - I always delete the touring plans emails because they always seem to be announcing upticks in crowd levels and it stresses me out. I guess I should start actually reading them…:blush:

edited to add - would you look at that, the touring plans email I deleted yesterday was giving me this exact information. Thanks!


Look for the black triangle (delta) - that indicates what info has changed. so the email will include crowd levels and hours but their will be a delta to indicate what changed. It can be a bit noisy in the amount of email but i find it’s worth the hassle.

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