Best way to design a personalized touring plan before fastpasses

I am trying to set up some touring plans in preparation for when our 60 day Fastpass bookings come up later this year. This may seem like a silly question but…is it best to set up personalized touring plans by putting in all the rides you want to experience, meals and rest breaks without putting any fastpasses in, even if you have an idea of what rides you want to use as fastpasses if they come up? Is that how most people construct their touring plans in advance of the 60 day fastpass selections?

And then when the 60 day bookings come up, am I right in saying you put one fastpass (either Tier A or top ride from MK) in a time and then modify your touring plan to see which fastpasses to get thereafter? Hope this all makes sense!

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That’s what I did. I designed my plan without FPP first and then added in a FPP for the attraction with the longest wait the reoptimized and moved things around. Repeat for 2bd and 3rd longest waits.

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Before your 60 FP day you want to select the 3 fastpass you want to get on FP day and maybe one more selection just incase you don’t get one you wanted.
You don’t want to be wasting your time evaluating your TP on FP day because you will loose valuable time on picking the FP. I hope that was clear!! :blush:


yes, what @desire499mike said. Have a rough idea of what fastpasses you want and when before 60 day window, and also get them in order of hardest to get first. You don’t have to do all 3 in same park at once.

just an example

  1. HS SDD day 60 + 4
  2. MK 7DMT day 60 + 3

Then once you get the toughest ones, go back and fill in the easier ones to get.


I set up the touring plan the way I like it, and put in my FP at pretend times to help me figure out my target times for booking them. Then after I get them, I go back and move things around if my times are a little different.


I do a bit of a hodgepodge of what the previous posters have described. I make my TP without FP and figure out which 3 FP I want to get. If I haven’t been on the forums lately, I hop on and scope out which are the “hard to get” FP (right now I’d say that SDD is the hardest to get, followed by FOP, with a handful of others like SDMT trailing behind). I make a list of FP to try for, sorting first by difficulty to acquire and then by where they fall in the trip. So for example, if I’m doing MK, Epcot, AK, MK again, then HS, the list might go FOP, SDD, SDMT, PPF, BTMR, TT, etc.

For the ones that are likely to be a problem (right now SDD and FOP), I also think about what I’ll do if I can’t get them on the day/time I want. (For example: If I can’t get SDD on day 5, see if there are any on day 4 and if so switch the 2nd MK day with DHS.)

I make sure I get those hard-to-get FP first and then get the rest of the FP that I can.

I agree with this in theory. In practice, when I cannot get the FP I want on the day that I want, I end up rejiggering plans and re-optimizing/reevaluating to figure out the best thing to do next. I try not to do that until I secure the hardest-to-get FP, though.

One final tip: if you can’t get a FP you want anywhere near the time that you want it, you may want to consider grabbing what you can and then try to modify it a bunch of times to see if something earlier pops up. (Balancing the need to get other FP - you don’t want to spend so long modifying that you miss out on reserving other FP you want at the time you want them.) I think that this is usually done day-of in the park, but I found it worked well for me for FOP two months ago when it was my FP day. If you’re making your FP right when they open, so are a hundred zillion other people and they’re making and changing their plans at the same time as you are. I think I started with a FOP FP for 5 pm and was able to modify it up to 2:50. Still later than I wanted, but doable for my group.

Here is a link to my method for determining what FPP reservations I will want to get when the window opens:

Thanks so much everyone for your tips. From what I am reading it seems that I should:

  1. Before the 60 days design my personalized touring plans without Fastpasses
  2. Use these plans and this forum / information to determine my fastpasses (have a backup in case you don’t get the 3 you want)
  3. You can add your desired ‘pretend’ fastpasses into the personalised plans to see if they will work and obtain potential best times for fastpass selection at 60 days
  4. When it comes to 60 days, book the hardest rides to get fastpasses first. Also consider when they fall in the trip. You don’t have to do all 3 in a park at once. Concentrate on getting the ‘top’ ride for each day.
    I think this summarizes things. Am I missing something or have something wrong?

I do a lot of what @Beth33 said, but I would also like to add that if you are going during a warm time of year, you may want to also prioritize water rides at the heat of the day for a refreshing break.

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I agree with @carthy15
Think about when you have rides you will get wet on. For example, in June we are doing Splash then heading over to Tom Sawyer’s Island to run around and dry off. I also try to avoid “Thrill” rides immediately after a meal.
I build my personalized plans in the order I want to do things and look to see which rides is suggests for FP. I had a pretty good idea from this forum of what would be hardest to get in June and was able to get everything I wanted close to the times I wanted. I’m not worried about getting SDFP so took times that worked for MY plans.