Best way to adjust room reservation

I have two consecutive one night stays booked at AoA that I booked separately through Orbitz. What is the best way to get this reservation adjusted to a two night stay? I called Disney who said to call Orbitz. I called Orbitz who put me on hold for a really long time and said they called Disney and they would change it but with a higher per night rate, so I said no thank you. I’m not trying to cheat the system, I just decided to add a day to our trip and when I searched, there were no two night LM AoA available. I’d really like not to be locked out of our room for four hours as we will be at the resort for a pool day. Should I just wait until the day we check in and nicely ask at the desk? Should I not do online check in? I appreciate any advice you have! (And yes, I have learned my lesson about booking through Orbitz.)

In case you’re wondering why my plans sound a little crazy…my inlaws have rented a house for the week to take our family and my brother inlaw’s family to WDW. My family of four has never been and I really wanted to stay on site, so I convinced my husband to go a day early and then I convinced him that if we can go on Saturday, surely we can go on Friday… LOL

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I would go to the front desk when you arrive and tell them you have 2 reservations, but want to maintain the same room for both nights. It shouldn’t be an issue.

If you do the Fax through Touring Plans, I’d put both reservation numbers on the Fax as well and explain there. As long as the rooms are the same “class” of room, you should be fine. If one is Water view and the other Standard, you might have issues unless you’re willing to live with Standard I’d guess…

I know at the Poly one year we booked two reservations as our arrival day was in a deal blackout time but the following day got us savings. They were able to link the 2 reservations so we had one room throughout and we never were locked out of our room, etc.

Thanks! That’s what I’m hoping for. It is the same room class and that makes sense about blackout dates.

I didn’t even know about the Fax through Touring Plans, but will look into it.

Although they cannot change the two reservations in a single one, WDW Reservations should be able to link the two reservations so that you will not have to change rooms, or at the very least make a reference to the other reservation in the notes on each one. If the CM you are talking to says they can’t help you, call back and speak to someone else - some CMs are more “magical” than others.

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