Best viewing spots for ROL and F!

I’m going to give ROL and F! another go.

I currently have the dining package for ROL and an FPP for F!

I’m wondering if the dessert party seats for each one are meaningfully better?

I looked to see if it was a post but I think it was just a podcast episode that your question reminded me of:

If I remember correctly Josh was wrong in his report about the F! Party. I believe he said the seating is the FP section and it is not. It is the dining package area. That dessert party is much cheaper than most. We brought the desserts back to our room. The cup did not light up after the first day. The “drink” was disgusting. I would do it again if I wanted to go to Fantasmic.


Yes, the dessert package area is most definitely the same as the dining package area for F! (separate from, and better than, the FPP seating). For us, it was the 2 center sections (Scar & Mickey sections). The dessert party was worth it for us, as we didn’t want to eat at any of the dining package restaurants.

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We did the ROL dessert party in May and the seats were wonderful. I have never done the FP+ for ROL so I don’t know how they compare but here is our view from about 5 rows from the front of the dessert party viewing section.

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Thank you. I’ve booked it, so that’s very reassuring.

I would do it again in a heartbeat, we loved it!

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As long as you have a cushion you’ll be fine not matter where you sit.

I thought the dessert party was up above for RoL but the seats were the FP seats near EE?

Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not carrying a cushion around all day.

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OK, it’s (literally) your ass!