Best viewing spot for the Festival of Fantasy Parade without waiting long

Where is the best viewing spot for the Festival of Fantasy Parade if you don’t want to wait more than 15 minutes and are not doing a dining package?

I’ve only done it once, but we happened on the parade around 2:50 back in October while moving from adventureland toward liberty square and stopped to watch in front of splash. It’s right as the parade starts, so you’ll be able to move on more quickly too once it’s over.

I’ve had good luck in FrL, near the “tunnel” that connects FrL and AL.

this is really silly for a liner to say… my plans for the parade are always to not have a concrete plan. I try to watch near the hub if possible because it just feels more magical there for me. But, at about the 20 min mark, I walk until I find a place that we can squeeze in to. Literally. Works every time. last time, I found a spot just around the corner from Casey’s - a few stores down.