Best viewing spot for mvmcp parade

We are 2 adults and a 6yo and 2yo going to mvmcp in 23 days!!! Where is the best viewing spot for the parade? With them being so small it is important to have no obstructions. Also how early should we stake our spot? Thanks!!

I know many people stake out a spot an hour or so in advance. To be completely honest, we are not “find a spot and wait there for an hour” people, never have and have always managed to find a good open spot for MVMCP, 5 times now. We usually can find several options on Main Street in fact and our kids have never had an obstructed view. I’m not sure if we’ve just been lucky or if the parties we’ve been to just aren’t that crowded but it’s always worked out quite well. :slight_smile:

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You might find a good spot near the castle, but for me, I need to be on Main Street near the buildings for the SNOWSTORM that is so unexpected and beautiful. Wander the shops while you stake out a spot on the curbs. Dont forget to pick up the special MVMCP pins only sold during parties. Have fun!

Thanks for the reply guys! I am thinking main street will be the best bet. I can not see us staking out more than 15 or 20min in advance for a spot. We will definitely be buying some MVMCP merchandise.