Best Viewing For WNS, MSEP, and CtM

I’m trying to figure out the best way to view WNS, MSEP, and CtM. We’ll be in MK on our anniversary in March, and my wife is planning on getting dressed up a bit, :high_heel: so I want her to be as comfortable as possible.

I saw Daisy’s recommendation to get a FPP for MSEP and then just stay put for WNS and CtM, but this only works if there are two MSEPs and if you get a FPP for the first one. Unfortunately, there will only be one on the evening we’ll be there, so it will be in between WNS and CtM.

So if I were to get the FPP for WNS, which would place us in the Rose Garden, would we be in a good position to see MSEP and CtM as well from there? Or would it maybe be better just to try and get a good spot ourselves for WNS, and instead get a FPP for MSEP and then stay at that spot for CtM?

Yes to CTM, no to MSEP. I watched MSEP from near the Plaza and then made my way over to the Rose Garden for CTM and Wishes. Worked well (but you will have to stake out an MSEP spot early).

The only place I’ll watch Wishes is from Main Street, 600 or so feet from the castle.