Best viewing for both Paint the Night and Fireworks

Looking for suggestions for where to sit/stand to see the parade and the fireworks.

I was just there last night for Paint the night and Fireworks. On the west side of the walkway by Small World there is a handicapped area roped off. We got a spot just south of the handicapped area next to the rope. Excellent angle because we could see the parade come around the curve. We joined the throng at the end of the parade and followed it down to Main Street to watch fireworks.

We found a great spot on the Main Street side of the cul-de-sac near the front gate. You can sit on the cub and see both sides of the parade. You can wait 'til the last second and get a spot along/under the rope that they use to create the cross-walk.

If you can get a spot on the sidewalk near the photo shop or across the street at Coke Corner to watch the parade, you can then move to the middle of the street to watch the fireworks.

We decided to skip all of the evening shows and go ride the rides. We found ourselves on Dumbo right when the fireworks were starting. It was, amazingly, the best spot we have ever found. No one was around and we had fun riding Dumbo and watching the show at the same time. A couple weeks later we ended up in the center of the Main Street crowd, and while it was still a great experience we definitely felt edgy being around the crowd while having to keep an eye to make sure our kids didn’t get lost at the same time. We will definitely be parking ourselves at Dumbo the next time.

Oops! My answer was for the Magic Kingdom not Disneyland.

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