Best viewing area for ROL

Which area is best for viewing ROL - standby, FPP or dining package seating?

We sat front row in the Asia side. We had FP but we sat in HC seating. I don’t think there would be a bad seat. My picky DD17 even like it.

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We’ve never done standby for ROL so I can’t speak to that. If you’re willing to show up early for either dining package or FP, you can get equally good seats. I felt like dining package section filled up more slowly than FP section.


All the times I’ve seen it have been with FPP, which is over by Nemo. But it’s such a big open theater I can’t imagine you don’t get a good view from everywhere. I do wonder if the boats with the people on them at the end are over on the other side, too, or just the Nemo side. I’ve only ever been watching them so I haven’t noticed. And they are a cool finale.

IME it hasn’t been too extremely hard to get FPP as an add-on many days lately.

We have watched it twice. The first time didn’t seem as good as the second time. I thought maybe it was because of where we sat. I’m pretty sure that we did FPP the first time. Just looking for other’s opinions.

I could have been not as good the second time due to some floats not working right … we saw one show which was definitely less interesting because some of the water and fire effects were not fully functional.