Best Value Resort

We will be in Disney World in early January. It will be a short weekend trip. My son, who happens to have autism, LOVES water and pools. I know we are either staying at All Star Movie or All Star Music. I would love to know if anyone has any input on which of these resorts would be recommended regarding swimming pool status??
I know one of the days we are just going to spend at the hotel at the pool for him.
Thank you for any input.

I took DD to ASM when she was three. She remembered the Sorcerer Mickey pool for years!(She’s 16 now). I have no experience with the other All Star resorts, though.

Have you considered All Star Sports? We’ve stayed there 2 different Januarys (and one October). Both pools are nice. The Surf’s Up pool is huge, and the baseball pool is quiet, with a really cool Goofy statue. Plus the big Mickey statue/photo op! The bus service was terrific, too, and if you have to share with the other All Stars, Sports is the first pick up and first drop off - though in the 20+ days we’ve stayed there we only shared 3 times, all mid-day, with nearly empty buses!

Personally I think POP is the best value resort for the money. It has its own dedicated bus line, rooms are in the process of being refurbished and look amazing, plus the food court is top notch. How ever if I was looking specifically at all star resorts I’d say movies, i think it’s the best one out of the 3. The Mickey sorcerer pool is awesome and for convenience you are the last resort stop on the bus line before heading to the parks, and the first off on the way back. This typically saves time, but also sometimes causes a bus to be full if it’s the busy time of year in which case you have to wait a little longer.

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I have stayed at all stars music multiple times. It is great. The pools are not really all that different. Just themed slightly different.

I think you would do fine by either.

As to the busses. You mostly have separate buses to each of the parks. But at times you may share a bus with the orher all stars. Usually either very early or very late. Or disney springs. If a bus is shred it is sports, music, then finally movies.

But most times you have your own bus.

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Ive stayed at both and my vote would be for movies. All star movies is great. I was there with my daughter, when she was 3. We stayed in the toy story section and she loved that it was like we were toys staying in andys room. The pool is nice I think it has a better layout that the AS music pool. Music would be cool for a kid or family who was really into music and instruments but my daughter liked the atmosphere of movies a lot more. You’ll have fun no matter where you stay, enjoy!