Best use of snack credits of DDP

Ended up getting a dining plan last minute-- we are going next week and I am looking for your suggestions about best uses of snack credits in all four parks! Ready, set, go!!

I was reading a few blog posts on this recently. Hope this helps:


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Save all your snack credits and use them at the food booths at flower and garden!

Thanks!! Both super helpful!!

Well, I think you’ll get plenty of the popular ones (like the carrot cake whoopee pie and the dole whip and the cronut), but I would add that I was there last week and completely loved and appreciated getting a full bowl of plain raspberries at the food court in Riverside. They let me get only the raspberries and skip the yogurt/other stuff. The raspberries are just now in season and they were spectacular and a great snack after stuffing myself for several days with all the sugary stuff. I’m sure other places that offer fruit are bound to have raspberries.

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