Best use of EMH?

Not sure where to post this:

What park and time (Morning or Evening) for Extra Magic Hours works best for your family? Just DH and I. I know this is all relative but may try them next trip. We always avoid them. Did EP EMH in the morning and didnt have good luck the one time we tried it.

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One of our kids always wakes up early, so in a hotel room everyone is up early! For us, that meant AM EMH worked better. Last trip we only did it at AK, but it was great. We did Dinosaur, twice on PW and 3 times on EE, and were headed to KS by 9:00, and we probably got there a little after 8:00.

If it was just me and my husband, would probably lean towards PM (though I’d really want to do both). Two of my kids are just too young to hang in for PM EMH.

As it is an “adults only” trip, I would lean towards doing both!

Adults only here too, and we plan to do both. Taking advantage of PM EMH at MK and HS, and possibly AM EMH at AK and HS. The AM HS and PM MK are on the same day, so despite it being adults only, we may still do a midday nap! :slight_smile: