Best use FPP thoughts

First question:
Hotel booked PR 10/29-11/3 6 days tickets and FFP and PHP. Wanted to be at RD @ HS @ 730ish on 10/29. Have done online check in. Will I be able as PR guest to park at 730 at HS no charge? Or should I park at PR and take Uber Or Lyft

Plan to be at RD @HS @ 730ish and go to hotel when ready 3ish rest eat then MK @ 6ish staying for EMH. Should I make FP reservations for HS or MK?

thank you for any comments.

It really depends on what your ride priorities are between HS & MK
If you are rope-dropping HS than you will certainly have shorter lines, but SDD still may be pretty long. However if you want to do 7DMT unless you are going to skip fireworks, you probably want to use your FPP there

Thank you ajcraw102.
At RD going straight to SDD.

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