Best TS restaurants for vegetarians

My DD14 has, after a lot of thought , decided to become a vegetarian. A big part of our trips to WDW are the restaurants we visit. I want to support my DD and wondered if anyone has recommendations for TS restaurants with good vegetarian options (can be signature, non signature, in or out of parks). Thanks


My wife is a vegetarian and the joke in our house is how she might go between Vegetable Cottage Pie, Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie and Mushroom Stroganoff. In Disney you’ll get one choice including CG (Kabocha Squash and Mascarpone Ravioli) and you will have to take care not to have Vegetable Cottage Pie one day followed by Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie two days later. That said the standard is quite good and we only really stay in Disney to eat if it’s experience based Si-Fi, Rose and Crown (Illuminations of Earth) and California Grill.

Outside we lunch at Sweet Tomato a lot, it’s perfect for her, my children love the fact that they can eat what they like (11 and 13) and it’s good for me. The Dinner restaurant she really likes is Celebration Town Tavern as there is more than one choice :smile:

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Check out - there is a section on vegetarian/vegan dining at WDW

Hi Mark! I’m not a vegetarian, but I love trying new and different foods when we eat in restaurants, and I’ve had some of the best meatless meals in WDW. One huge standout: years ago (read: probably not on the menu anymore) we took a boat to the Wilderness Lodge for lunch at Whispering Canyon from MK on a hot day. My dad “needed” the bottomless milkshake. Anyhow, I was suffering from the heat and didn’t want their specialties - BBQ, hamburgers, etc. One veggie option on the menu caught my eye. A quinoa cake with black bean sauce and multi-veggie slaw on the side. It was the first time I’d ever even seen the word “quinoa.” Wow. It blew me away, it is one of the best meals I’d EVER had at WDW, veggie or meatless.

I guess my point is, she should be able to find options at any restaurant that will more than satisfy. If not, just ask the server, they will always have an option. If she is ovo-lacto vegetarian and not vegan, there will be more options, but either way, she won’t starve!! And she might even have better meals than the rest of you. Have fun!

I have to say Sanaa (bread service among other choices), HBD and CHH for CS choice.

My husband is veg. Some favorites: falafel @ Tangierine Cafe @ Epcot World Showcase. Boma @ AK Lodge.

I had listed a lot of this thread.

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@derekburgan wrote a great blog post today on this topic

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