Best TS or CS for Vegan Options?

I have searched through posts on this topic and I see many that are several years old. Does anyone have any more current recommendations?

We will be using the standard dining plan - 1 TS 1 CS, bev & snack Our general plan at this point is 2 days at MK, 1 day AK, 1 day DHS, 1+ day Epcot (we have park hopper)

My DS wants to go to Crystal Palace to meet Pooh Bear, so I’m hoping to have a decent selection there. Looks like Boma or Tusker house are must dos for vegans at/around AK.

Any recommendations for on our Epcot day(s)? Hollywood Studios - Brown Derby would cost me 2 credits per person. Any more current recommendations?

We will be doing Hoop De Doo also, so I’ll make sure that I advise them when I make the reservation.

I also see someone posted an AWESOME reference sheet for dietary restrictions from 2014. I’ve scoured the website for something similar that is current. Is it available for 2018? That would definitely help me when trying to build my plan.

Thank you! :smile:

I’m not vegan, but 2 of the people in my family group are. I will check with them. We were there in June 2017.

Sanaa (TS) at Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village is definitely good (in addition to Boma at AKL)
Skipper’s Canteen (TS) at MK
Spice Road Table (TS) EPCOT
Trail’s End buffet TS) at Fort Wilderness is supposed to be awesome for vegans (none of us have eaten here yet)
I also recommend looking at Sunshine Seasons (CS) at EPCOT.

Here is a good blog post from 2016 on vegan dining at WDW

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Thank you! This is very helpful :slight_smile:

Your welcome!

I forgot to mention Landscape of Flavors (CS) at Art of Animation. Everything is prepared to order and they have some vegan options on the menu. We stayed at AoA so we ate here several times. They have a vegan scramble made with seitan and tofu on the breakfast menu and they also prepared it off menu at dinner. I don’t see it currently on the online breakfast menu. They may still make it, but no guarantees.

My father ate at Crystal Palace in June 2016 with his mother. He specifically picked it because it was a buffet as she had some dietary restrictions at the time.

This is a buffet restaurant but I don’t recall any specific vegan options such as a tofu main dish or a legume option.
I do recall several vegetables as sides but can’t confirm if they were prepared without any animal products like butter.
The kitchen staff were present and could have been asked about preparing a vegan option, but that was not something I approached them about.
The kitchen staff were present and could have been asked about preparing a vegan option, but that was not something I approached them about.

He suggested you contact the restaurant directly to inquire.

In general, WDW restaurants are very good at accommodating all sorts of dietary restrictions. My mother and sister have gotten a personal tours of the Boma buffet regarding which items were vegan. I have read lots of comments on blogs from people with serious allergies who love vacationing at WDW because they can eat at all the restaurants. I have also read that this pertains specifically to WDW owned and operated restaurants. Some people have said that most of the World Showcase restaurants are not Disney owned and can’t give the same type of allergy friendliness. I have never looked into this as it doesn’t pertain to our situation, but it is something to be aware of.

I’d look at the menus of places you are considering in advance. That gives you a good idea of what items can be prepared and how they can be modified.


I have a DD18 who is vegan and I agree with Trail’s End. They have a world class Vegan Chef there:) Best vegan meal (4to5 courses) on WDW property. Brown Derby has the best TS vegan dish at HS, but HnV had a few buffet options. Yak n Yeti has several options (Tusker had several too). Sanaa has a vegan option for the bread service, and Boma has several selections- both at AKL. We do well at Epcot at Biergarten and anything in Morocco, plus Japan vegetable sushi. MK- Skipper Canteen had several options, and BOG brought out something special, but only after we asked for the chef because the waiter said that there were no vegan options- he just wasn’t trained. My best advice is to let the hostess and server know ASAP that you have a special diet request, and they will automatically send someone from the kitchen to your table. All of the restaurants have chefs trained for this. Even if your server says they don’t have any options, EVERY QS and TS does. Just politely ask for someone from the kitchen. It wasn’t an issue anywhere except BOG. Have a great trip!

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