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We had 5 days at Caribbean Beach as a central location and it worked out great. Skyliner was awesome and fast for Hollywood Studios and Epcot days and good any evening for Dinner at Epcot! We used the new Dinner Reservation Finder with good success for hard to get restaurants like Oga’s and others that we could not get with WDW dining reservations or the Disney App.

Day 1: 11/10 Animal Kingdom w/ Crowd 7. Arrived 90 minutes before park open for rope dropped and were done with Avatar 5 minutes after park opening, done with Navi River by 9:30 (before our FP time), Everest by 10:15, then Tough to be a Bug and Lion King w/FP all by noon. A quick lunch and Kali w/ FP then Lyft to Caribbean Beach for clean up and change of cloths and nap. On the Skyliner at 3:00 to Epcot for rides and Fireworks Crown & Pub dinner package. As soon as we used our last FP at Kali we refreshed the screen until got a FP for Test Track and then in line for 30 minute wait for Sorin. A little shopping and awesome dinner and the best view from our waterside dinner seating at Crown & PUB.

Day 2: 11/11 Universal Island of Adventures w/ Crowd 4: 60 minutes before park open for rope drop to Hagrids w/ 15 minute wait, Forbidden Journey w/ 15 minute wait, Jurassic Park, Kong, and a few others by 2 PM. To Universal for a few rides, shopping on City Walk and Blue Man Group to end the night.

Day 3: 11/12 Magic Kingdom w/ Crowd 2. We had planned for Hollywood Studios but it was a Crowd 5 so we switched last minute. Arrived 60 minutes before park opening for rope drop and were done with Seven Dwarfs by 9:10, done w/ Haunted Mansion by 9:30, Thunder Mt. by 10:15, Pirates FP by 11:00. We rode Buzz once using standby line and then again with FP right away. Then lunch and Splash Mt. w/ FP by 1:00. Quick success for a Toystory FP, then Main Street shopping and back to Caribbean Beach by Tram, walk through Epcot, and 15 minute Skyliner. Change of cloths and a 5 minute Skyliner ride to Hollywood Studios for nightime visit to Galaxy Edge which was awsome, better than in daylight.
On Toy Story w/ FP, then dinner, and VIP Dessert for Fantasmic and back to Caribbean.

Day 4: 11/13 Hollywood Studios w/ Crowd 1 but was more like a 2. We had planned for Magic Kingdom but it was a Crowd 7 so we switched last minute. Arrived 90 minutes before park opening for rope drop and were done with Falcon by 9:15. Then Toy Story for one Standby line and 1 w/ FP. Then Star Tours w/ FP, then Lunch and Indiana show w/ FP. Off to shopping and two other rides. About 3pm it was Skyliner back to Caribbean Beach and change for cool evening at Magic Kingdom. We picked up FP for Buzz and walked right into Monsters Laugh Floor. Dinner and shopping and then found a great place for the Fireworks. We hugged the wall of main street to get out of the park and caught the tram to nearby resort and then a lift back to Caribbean Beach.

Day 4: 11/14 Universal Studios w/ Crowd 3: Arrive 30 minutes before park open because early entry for resort guests. We Escape from Gringotts 2 times in 30 minutes, then Men in Black twice, Revenge of Mummy and Shrek, shopping, lunch, Hogwarts back to Island of Adventures for more Jurassic and Kong and then back to the hotel to relax by 3 pm before our trip home next day.

Touring Plans education made the trip an awesome success with touring plans, crowd calendars, and videos on rope drop.



Is a competing site? I can’t believe they used a name so close to this site’s name. There’s got to be some type of copyright or trademark infringement going on there. I’m glad that site helped you out. It looks like your planning went well. What time machine were you using by the way? Did you use a Delorean? I’m impressed you had two Day 4’s on back-to-back days. I’m assuming you originally took 11/13 as a no-park day and did Day 4 on 11/14 at Universal Studios. Afterwards, you realized you should have done something on 11/13 so you went back in time to 11/13 to visit HS thus making 11/13 your new Day 4. Since you already had a Day 4 at Universal on 11/14, it makes perfect sense how you can have two Day 4’s. I learn something new every time I come on this forum.

Sounds like you had lots of fun!

@etrull77, LOL, now I do not want the OP to fix his obvious typos as you have given a very plausible explanation for them…

And a VERY funny explanation at that … :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I like your twisted wit …

And I am the first to have clicked your external link, you got me :blush:

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Thanks. If we can’t have fun with one another on a Disney forum, then we can’t have fun anywhere.