Best Travel Printer

We are getting ready to travel to The World next week, and I'm looking for a small travel printer. I know that there are several options out there, but I'm hoping to get some real world experience from you all. I'm a real "paper person" so I'd like to print my TPs the night before, and then I can edit from there. My phone may help, but I would like to conserve battery, too. TIA for any suggestions you may have.

If all you want to do is print TPs, it would probably be easier to go to the business center and print them out there. It would save you having to (a) buy the printer and (b) pack it in your bags. Actually, I print all of mine at home before I go...

Thanks for the tip but I'm hoping to be able to use it for business travel too. We aren't large enough to have an IT department to issue them.

I have a canon pixma and have really liked so far. It has bluetooth capabilities for wireless printing. Can also print photos from camera without hooking to PC. They make a battery and car charger kit for it as well if you want to use without a regular plug in.