Best transportation?

We’re doing our first Universal trip in August and I was wondering if it was better to do the Universal shuttle or one of the alternative modes of transportation?
There’s 6 of us, teens and adults, so no babies.
Also, we’re staying at Royal Pacific.

I am interested in opinions on this- although I think I have my heart set on finding a company that will stand at the airport with my name on a sign.

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We used Desitination MCO for transpiration. Awesome. Met you at baggage, was parked right under baggage claim, clean, nice car. Calm music - perfect way to start a vacation. You can call the hotel and their concierge should be able to set it up for you. That is what Portafino did for us. You don’t have to be staying concierge for this to be done.

If you are referring to transportation within the resort, by staying at RPR, you are within a nice, short walking distance to the parks. By short, I mean about 10 minutes, 15 if you walk slowly, and the path is very pretty. There are also boats that you can take to the parks from RPR. There is no other type of transportation needed, in my opinion.

MCO to the resort and back.

Then Destination MCO is my pick

We just came back from staying at Royal Pacific. We caught the boat from out the back of Lowes through to the parks each of the 4 days, and we walked back once…

Was a really short trip and a nice wind down after a long day.

I can try and filter through the pics if there is anything about it you’d like to know?

This is what we did and it was invaluable! We used a Mears private shuttle. We got off the plane, went down the escalator and he was waiting with my name on the sign. We walked to the car, got in, and were on resort property within 30 minutes of stepping off the plane.


Depending on your exact situation you could try Uber or Lyft. Here’s some info that should help you:

That is what I want! Thank you!

Just realized you have 6 people. If going from MCO, you’d have to get UberSelectXL but with luggage, you may need two of them. It would depend what type of vehicle you wind up getting. A Pathfinder could fit 6 people but not many bags. But a Chevy Suburban would probably fit all of you and your bags. So, you’d have to price out the difference between a private service or two UberXLs to see what makes financial sense, but also decide if the private service costs more, if the piece of mind of having a reserved vehicle is wroth it.