Best transportation for EP PPO?

Uber, Lyft, Minnie Van or monorail to get from BLT to Akershus for 8:10 PPO? Party of 8, including 6 adults and 2yo and 4yo both in car seats. Question within a question- hoping to use PPO to get to FEA ahead of RD crowds. This still works right?

If the monorail is running I would use that. You can tell by looking at this during your trip :

You will need to check both the resort and Epcot monorail times.

If that does not work I think maybe two Uber/Lyft?

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Great. Thanks so much. We are going on 2/1/20 - a Sunday. Hopefully it will be running… Thanks for the link to check! If we have to do Uber/Lyft, should I tell driver to drop off at BC and then we enter through IG?

Either front or IG will work. Similar distances really, by the time you account walk from BC to IG and then around lagoon to Norway.

Not to barge in on your thread jwhiney but…

This is an interesting thought as I would have presumed that a Minnie Van dropping a group off at EPCOT Front Gate would be a shorter walk than a Minnie Van dropping same at Beach Club and walking to Norway via IG. But looking at Google Maps, the walks do look the same. Either way, there are a special turnstiles at either gate for PPO admittance of groups with confirmed Akershus reservations?

Going Dec 12 so tips are much appreciated.

We’re also hoping to ride Frozen Ever After when we’re done with our PPO breakfast. Just worried about how long it will take to eat and meet the characters.