Best transport plan for lunch then MVMCP?

We are staying at Universal and attending MVMCP. I would like to do the Christmas tree walk in Disney Springs in the morning, and then we have a 2PM lunch res at GF Cafe before the party. I’m thinking of Uber/Lyft to DS - any tips on the best way to get to GF from there. Would you all recommend we Monorail to MK or Contemporary to enter for the party?

Not sure if it makes a difference, but we are going on December 5, opening day for the new Star Wars ride at DHS. Hopeful that this won’t effect us much.


I would take the bus or Uber/Lyft from DS to GF. Then you would take the monorail or boat directly to MK after you eat.


So you think entering at the main entrance is better than the one near DCR?

Yes, you will go through security before you get on the monorail or as you exit the boat. If you go to CR you will need to take the monorail past MK and then walk back and go through security a second time.

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I would just take the GF bus and then, yes, monorail to MK

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