Best Touring Plans for A September Trip

Right now our trip is scheduled for 9/7 - 9/13 and we have five days (with Park Hoppers) in the parks. It’s looking like we’ll do MK, EP, HS, AK & MK or something to that effect. We may move over to a couple other parks a couple of times during that duration. With the exception of HS, I don’t expect anything to be so busy that we’ll need a plan. I figure we can just use the Touring Plans wait times and move around at our leisure. But…if things do end up being busier than usual, are there any good plans for two adults, a 9 year old and 5 year old who are tall enough to ride most rides and then a shorter 4 year old who should be 37 to 38 inches by the time of our trip?

They’ll all have their own interests so we’re going to have to mix in character visits and try to get to most of the well known, bigger rides.

If I have to sit out Flight of Pandora or Space Mountain or something like that, so be it. I’m more concerned with packing as much in as possible for everyone else.

Thanks for the help.

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What about talking to everyone about what their “must do” rides/meets are and putting together your own plan based on that?

I didn’t know you could create your own plan until about 45 mins ago.

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That’s where the “fun” begins…creating a custom plan and obsessing, I mean planning happens


you’ve got plenty of time to make plans, and tweak and tweak until they are perfect. I was originally scheduled in Feb and had made plans last year sometime. that trip was cancelled, so now I have tweaked those plans for Sept but I am still updating and changing, etc. I love a good custom touring plan, if you are a planner it will suck you in and you will be up till all hours of the night creating touring plans. I have at a minimum 5 for each day. LOL

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