Best time to visit WDW in the fall

I did F&W last year during the last week of October and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Crowds were on the higher side, though. This year, it worked better with my schedule for me to go the first week of September. I’m still recovering, haha! Crowds were much more manageable this year (once the Labor Day weekend had passed) but the heat and humidity really did me in.

In the end, I actually accomplished fewer rides and activities this year (even with super low crowd levels) because I needed so many breaks to rest and cool off. I did a lot more last year with higher crowds and a good touring plan. If at all possible, next time I want to enjoy F&W, I’ll go with the higher crowds of late October rather than face the heat and humidity of early September.

I agree. I would trade higher crowds and fewer rides for better weather…

Hurricane season is June to November. I have been three years over Labor day and this year 9/14 to 9/24.

September and October are the peak of the season. “Officially” November is included, but the likelihood of one goes way down. This year marks my 20th hurricane season and once we get to November, I start to relax…