Best time to visit WDW in the fall


We are starting to plan a Fall 2019 vacation in order to do the Food and Wine festival and Halloween party for the first time. We really want to do September 7-15 because of the low prices and crowds (level 1 the whole time so far!!) but are afraid of getting hit by a hurricane! Are there other times to go when we can still get the low crowds and prices but (possibly) better weather? In the past we’ve gone in early August, mid October, and mid January, but never September!



My only time there was mid-September (2015). The crowds were very manageable with the touring plans but I would certainly not say they were low (I actually thought it was very crowded but have not seen a ‘‘real’’ busy day to compare with I guess).

It was very hot and humid and it rained a bit every day but it was still very enjoyable.

We are trying early November this year.


If meteorologists can’t make such predictions, I’m not sure we can offer much help!

When we were there in September several years ago (doing Universal, not WDW that trip) we were there for a Tropical Storm as it passed over. Half of one day was rained out, and the next day (which was originally going to be a park day) we hunkered down in our condo and watched movies from Redbox, etc. Fortunately, we had planned in a “no park day” anyhow, so the storm just shuffled it around on us. Ultimately, it made the trip very memorable! :slight_smile:

Having said that, we’ve done the first week following labor day at Disney before and had beautiful weather for the entire trip. Crowds are amazing then.

We’ve also done first (or was it second?) week in October (last trip) and had beautiful weather as well. Again, crowds were great, other than the F&W crowds at Epcot. Not QUITE as nice as September, but still most things were almost walk-ons.


Was that many years ago ? I was kind of hoping to get that but a few people told me those days were long gone…Still hoping… :wink:


Almost three years ago. So times may have changed since then.


Thanks. I’ll keep on hoping.


We did first week of November last year. Weather was amazing (no rain, not too hot, still warm enough to swim), crowds 4-6, and Christmas decorations. Also, the prices were very good.


How manageable did you find those crowds ?


Very, very well. We had touring plans and ended up doing more than what was on the plans! We had to be flexible, but we loved it. I wrote a report somewhere on the forum!


Fantastic, thank you so much !!! :slight_smile:



I know, I just hear such contrasting things about September! Some people swear its the best time to visit, and others are terrified of going or have gone and refuse to repeat the mistake! I appreciate all of your help though! I think we’ll risk it and just go! A little rain never hurt anyone, and even if we lose a day, we’ll make the best of it! :slight_smile:


Right now they’re predicting the crowds as a level 1 for the whole week, so I think we’ll risk it!! Being stuck in the rain for an hour wont matter as much if we can get everything in beforehand because the crowds are so low!! :smile:


Where are you from? I have gone in September a couple of times and I really do love the season and crowd levels, but I cannot do the heat. (I’m from New England.) I just can’t. This last time I had to promise myself we wouldn’t go back in September again. The rain doesn’t bother me at all!


Occasional rain is normal there. If a tropical storm or hurricane comes, just plan for extra days! Truth is, they are rare to impact Orlando other than some rain. And, we have fond memories of that vacation BECAUSE of the rain day.


Yeah I remember that from our honeymoon in August 2015! It rained every afternoon and we had fun hunkering down somewhere for 30 mins to an hour waiting for it to pass!


Ohio! So the heat doesn’t bother me much unless its over 100 or so! When we were there in August it got up to mid to upper 90’s and we just took extra breaks and did more rides with AC!


Then you’ll definitely enjoy September :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite time to go is mid Nov - mid Dec - but you would miss F&W if you went then. Although I live in FL, I just don’t enjoy WDW when it’s hot, and to me, Sept is not really much different than August. Hurricanes are always a concern in September, but if you look at the stats of actual hurricanes shutting down WDW, it’s probably one or two days in a thousand. And the likelihood of a “non-tropical” storm coming through is probably not much higher than it would be any other month of the year.


Yeah we definitely want to hit F&W and the Halloween party, but that’s really helpful info, thank you!!