Best time to ride Killimanjaro Safari?

We’re going to WDW in November during Thanksgiving break. I want to get a FP for Killimanjaro Safari and I keep reading ‘go early’ so we can see as many animals as we can lounging around. What exactly is early during November? Is weather a factor?

I can’t speak for November specifically, but last year in August we rode the safari twice. Once at 11am, once around 5pm…the only animal we didn’t see the first time was an elephant. We saw them all the second time.


I was kind of wondering this too. In the past I’ve gone in the mornings with great animal activity… I would usually do KS as my 9am fastpass.
But certain months are cooler than others. I’m wondering if it will matter as much in November, as long as it’s not the middle of the afternoon. I’m going in January… wondering if I do an 11am FP, will that be cool enough still?

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I feel as though @OBNurseNH will be the expert at answering this.

Because everyone always says to go early when it’s cooler, we went about 9.15am in August. I’d never do it again. We usually go early afternoon and see way more animals. I could hardly see the giraffes :disappointed_relieved:

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Really? I feel like that 9:15am ride must have been an anomaly. When we’ve gone early morning in the past, we had a giraffe walk right up to the truck! :smiley:


We had a good experience early but I think it honestly is random. I’ve read of people who had great airings in the afternoon and bad ones in the morning. Probably luck of the draw.

I’m hoping this is the case b/c I will probably be staying offsite next trip and it looks like you can only get afternoon FPP at 30 days.

That’s what we usually have in the afternoon.

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Well, I like the sound of that. I would love it if my day doesn’t have to revolve around my KS FastPass :slight_smile:

We almost always ride in the morning before TH breakfast and always see a ton. I think the heat matters more in summer. And word has it if you’re looking for elephants, ride in the rain because they love that!


I had a CM (on the private safari as part of FOTLK package) tell us that 10:30 am was the best time to see animals. She said some of the animals don’t come out right at park opening. We went around 10:45 on our last trip and we did see a ton of animals.
I also really like doing an evening safari around sunset (but not once with sun has completely set).


Ride it first thing in the morning as the park opens. The animals are active at that time. If you rope drop it, there is no need to use a FP+ on it.

I too did the private Safari tour. Later in the day many animals will go on their own back to the barns, and early they might not be ready to leave the barn. I agree with @Dreamer, after 10:15 but before 5:00 if possible.


I’ve been in Nov, and I would say afternoon. The general “rule of thumb” is to go at the most moderate time of day. During “winter” mid day is the best as things have warmed up a bit. In the summer, early AM or early evening as the temps are cooler.

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Last May, we went about noon, and saw lots of animals. Disney does a good job staging the “open” animal areas to optimize viewing.

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