Best time to reschedule the time of a 7DMT FPP Fastpass+?

So, I have a Seven Dwarves Mine Train fastpass plus for my party of five, but it’s at 9:30 at night. Every time I go to try to change the time, I get the “No other times available” error.

Do I need to:

  1. try to do it each night at 11:00 pm?
  2. wait until the night before to see if same-day fastpass times open up for it?
  3. try every fifteen minutes for the next week?
  4. at park open on the day of?
  5. give up.


All of the above (except for 5)! :smile:

Here is a useful tip from Kenny the Pirate on how to get difficult FPP reservations

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also try at 55 days out, 50 days out, 45 days out, 30 days, etc. People with packages will have to pay in full or cancel around those times. If they cancel, the FPP’s are freed up and put back into the system.

is there no hope of you making it at 9:30? It is a much better ride at night, especially late at night!