Best time to get a flight

For our May 2020 trip, my DS and DIL will be flying down to join us, rather than drive as we are.

So, I’m curious…when is a good time to get a good deal on a flight down? If it matters, most likely they will be flying down on Mother’s Day, although there is a chance they might not fly out until Monday late afternoon/evening instead. Kind of depends on flight costs, etc.

ETA: I have to ask this because it has been almost 24 years since I last stepped foot on an airplane.

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Do they have an idea of what airline they will be using? I fly Southwest most of the time and for me, in the Boston area, I find the best prices on release day. I booked a JetBlue flight on release day for December and right now it has doubled in cost.


No idea. Neither of them has ever flown before, either. My DS19 flew Southwest when he did a mission trip to Puerto Rico and said you felt like a sardine.

How do you know when “release day” is?

Airfares are up substantially over last year.

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Yes I fly Jet Blue and find release day is best and also DON’T BOOK ROUND TRIP on Jet Blue, or you will pay double. I booked 2 separate flights and found booking round trip for same flights was another 400 bucks

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Call the airline. For Jet Blue, it’s usually 6 months out. But I messaged them and they told me when the next release day was going to be and for what months

Care to share? I’m looking at Presidents’ Week 2019 to FLL or MIA - I know JetBlue flies into FLL.

president’s week 2020? Go to JETBLUE website …right now it looks like flights go up through Jan 8. But if you go to site and click chat and ask for when your specific dates will be released, they may tell you when next release date is.

edited to say I asked them a couple months ago when next release date would be (I haven’t asked them recently)

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Funny, I had Googled the release date about two weeks before it was scheduled and I found the date and time it was being released. I can’t find that now for the next release.

Southwest always posts the exact date of their next release:

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So, other than JetBlue and Southwest, any other airlines worth considering?

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Sorry, yeah. I am already planning 2021’s summer vacation, so my dates in my head are all out of sorts right now.

I’ll ask about the next release. (Not that I will ever fly Southwest again after they screwed me over twice with elective stuff, but I’d be at least 2 releases out with them.)

Spirit maybe?

Thanks. So, Spirit, JetBlue, and Southwest.

24 years? :open_mouth:

I know you have a large family, so flying for vacations would be cost-prohibitive, but do you never travel solo? For work or other reasons? Or do you just REALLY like driving?


To answer your question simply, I refuse to fly. :slight_smile:

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I am imaging you setting foot on a plane in your snazzy Teva sandals, and then withdrawing that same foot proclaiming, “NAWWW!”

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Don’t be silly.

I wear Reefs.


We have not flown as a family since 2007, and I am hoping to an upcoming trip this year. I have flown more recently with a friends from church for a mom-cruise.

I read regularly. He suggests shopping on Tuesday afternoons.

I also use aggregates to find who is reporting lower airfare and then go to first sites.

Southwest isn’t always cheaper, which surprised me. (Their fares do include luggage)

Delta did work out to be a lower all-in cost for my friend and I in 2016. In 2018 southwest came in at the same price, but better flight times.

It’s like buying mattresses.


For us, a family of 8, driving is ridiculously less expensive than flying. Then adding in a large vehicle is exorbitant.
My husband does have to fly a few times a year for work, and I have flown with friends for a rare activity. But flying is absolutely miserable, in my opinion. All the frills are gone. It feels like cattle herding. Ugh.