Best time to check-in

We are going to WDW very soon and staying at SSR. We already had touringplans sent in our custom room request at the 30 day mark. I was wondering when it would be best for me to check-in. I noticed that some of the reminders from touringplans say to check-in earlier than the day of arrival. I always thought that I can’t check-in until the day of arrival. Is there any benefit in checking in early, like getting a better chance that we get the room we want?


It doesn’t make any difference whatsoever when you check in. The only issue is if you end up having to cancel on your arrival day when you’ve already checked in. Just don’t make any room requests at online check in because they will be prioritised over the TP request and they’re pretty vague.


You can usually do online checkin the day you link your reservation. I usually do it around day 45 and then re-check about a week before ( sometime it had dropped off for me and I have to re-do it).

I like to go direct to my room.

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