Best table service to pay OOP?

OK everyone here is our TS dining plan. Which of these TS meals would you pay out of pocket (we only have 7 TS credits). We have me and DH, DDs 8 &4, and DS 1.

CRT Dinner
Chef Mickeys Dinner
Askerhaus Lunch
H&V lunch
Garden Grill breakfast
San Angel Inn dinner
Crystal Palace breakfast

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OMG! 6 CMs in one trip - I’d probably commit suicide with a spork halfway through… :slight_smile:

The definitive way to do it is to compare menu prices and pay OOP for the cheapest. It’s pretty obvious that I don’t do a lot of CMs, but my gut response is that SAI is probably the best one to do OOP

FWIW, most people would say that VN pizza is the “best deal” OOP, especially if you have littles that don’t eat a whole lot. And the food is MUCH better…

This question really depends on what type of eaters you have in your family. I would recommend either one of the character breakfasts or the San Angel Inn dinner for your out of pocket meal. The breakfasts are buffets and will cost you around $30 per adult for Crystal Palace and around $33 per adult for the Garden Grill. The only problem with the breakfasts is that since they are both all you care to enjoy, you will have to pay for each member of your party. If you have lighter eaters in your family, San Angel dinner entrees range between $25 - $30 each, and you might be able to get away with splitting entrees or just ordering a variety of appetizers for your party to share, cutting down on the costs. Keep in mind though, at San Angel you will have to pay for your entree, drink, and dessert which can end up costing more than either of the character breakfasts (for example, if you get the carne assada entree it’s $30, dessert is $8 and a soft drink at the table service restaurants in Epcot tends to be around $3, so you’re looking at around $41, not including tax and tip).

Have fun with the character meals! I love character meals and tend to do at least 4 each trip. The character interaction at The Garden Grill is phenomenal!

We do not want to wait in line to meet characters so we do the CMs to meet them. With the littles it’s a necessary evil.

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See if this helps. Which one you pay oop would depend on if you are trying to get the best bang for your buck on the DDP or if you are trying to minimize your additional OOP costs and are not concerned with maximizing the ddp credit value.

I agree, the only choice would be a breakfast or a plan to split entrees at SA. They all are pretty good values on the dining plan.

We do this same thing! :wink:

Us too! :smile:

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Do you need to do both CRT and Akershus? You’re going to get a lot of duplicated characters there?

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Hahaha! That was me!! If I never see another chaffing dish again!! 8 CMs in 10 days! Love my DD but that can NEVER happen again!! So sad that I actually started looking forward to my QS meals over my TS meals! (It didn’t help that we also met the characters outside of the meals…character overload!)

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