Best table service choices with no ADR

I was curious if people had thoughts about what Table Service restaurants are good choices when you DO NOT have an ADR. That is, the food is good and/or the venue worth seeing, but doesn’t necessarily have a long wait if you don’t already have an ADR.

I think it really boils down to where you can get in. Tiffins seems underutilized and often will have walkup available and Skipper’s Canteen had similar issues in the past. Both are really good food, although mildly exotic and expensive, particularly Tiffins, which likely has limited demand somewhat. They’d be at the top of my walk-in attempt list if in either of those parks…


Because a lot of visitors don’t even know it exists let alone where it is, EPCOT’s Restaurant Marrakesh is often quiet.


This one interests me. I’ve seen it on the DFB Guide vlogs.

Looking at the menu…you’re right about expensive! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about it myself! Just looked it up. I’m not generally a fan of Mediterranean food. Something in the spices they use doesn’t sit well with me. But the food LOOKS delicious. There must be something on that menu I like! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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Last month, my DD19 & I had a late lunch at Marrakesh and split the goat cheese appetizer and Lemon Chicken Tangine. It was delicious but we like Mediterranean food. The mint iced tea is wonderful. I recommend the Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen too. Last month, we had a late lunch there. My DD had the “Tastes like Chicken because It Is” and I had the vegetarian curry stew. Both were yummy. We loved the atmosphere too.

I always bring up Yak & Yeti because you can get in with no adr and no waiting if you get a landry’s card. I think it’s an interesting restaurant, food is good if you like Asian type food, and the prices are reasonable by Disney standards.

The card also gets you in T-rex and rainforest cafe. T-rex didn’t have anything special food-wise, that’s one i would only do for the kids unless you really want to see it yourself.

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Found this:

We were at WDW during the last few days of the crowded Christmas season and both Tiffins and Skippers Canteen has signs out front saying tables were available.

If you are at MK and willing to walk to the Contemporary, I have had multiple great meals at The Wave. Not much in the way of ambiance, but very good food.


Interestingly, all but two of them are at resorts, not in the parks!

Thanks for the link.

I have to shout out for Skipper Canteen. Atmosphere is nice, service pleasant and quick. I had the steak and I kid you not it was the best tasting steak I had ever had. (I’m 55 year old). My wife had the pork loin and she give it similar praises.


My husband and I went to Marrakesh as a walk-up a few years ago. I’m not an adventurous eater and loved the food - had a wonderful time overall. Definitely don’t count it out.


Marrakesh or the Biergarten.

If I wasn’t able to get the reservations I wanted, my plan of action was to utilize the lounges (Such as the one for 50s prime time cafe). That probably wouldn’t work for you if it was your entire brood, but it would for you and your wife.