Best strategy to RD Millenium Falcon in 12 days?

As pre-internet Touring Plans fans (we knew where to stand to beat the crowds to Space Mountain, and exchanged knowing glances with other who had “the book”) I’m curious if there’s a similar strategy to getting to MFSR at RD?

Of course we’ll be playing ROTR lotto, but I have faith (and everyone here’s help) that we’ll be okay. And what’s with the 8am opening where all the BGs are gone by 8:01…

Sorry, back to my question. The rest of our DHS plan kind of depends on getting to the Millenium Falcon right away. Any thoughts?

Check here for a good RD run through:

Apparently they’ve moved the hold up point somewhere closer to Star Tours or Batuu.

Here’s a thread from earlier in the week where I had pics and a map. If there is anyway you can avoid going to SW:GE at RD I’d recommend it.

The queue for MF:SR really goes down late in the day.

You will see ppl say you can arrive 30 - 45 minutes early to get in on the RotR “lottery”. However, if you want to make MF:SR your first stop you need to get there 60 minutes early.

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We were at SWGE by 7:37 am on Wednesday and off of MFSR by 9 am. (I can’t remember the extact time, I just know we made our Star Tours FP+ that was good until 9:10.

Was this for a 7am or 8am opening? I don’t get to go for a couple months and have to rely on trip reports & blogs for info. THANKS!

This was 8 am open on Wednesday this week. CL6. (I fixed my previous post, realized I put the wrong day - we went three times got mixed up :joy: RD’ed SDD the other two days.)

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Was there for 700am opening earlier this week. At park at 615, through taps by 630, and got in MFSR RD line. After park opening and long walk back to the ride, we waited around 20 minutes in queue to ride, off by 735 or so. If want to be quicker, then 60+ minutes before park opening sounds about right.

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We were there on a CL 7 last week and skipped the evening shows and rode it twice with a wait of less than 20 min each time.

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We were there last night and rode it with a 20 minute wait around 7 pm. Lines are huge first thing in the day because everyone goes there or to slinky dog. If you can do it in the pm, much shorter lines!


Holy cow the lines

It’s not even that good of a ride. I find it’s a bit like an improved Star Tours but without the capacity. I would rather RD ToT or RnRC and ride MF in the last hour. We rode it twice in the last hour. First time it took 28 minutes when we got in line about 7pm. The second time we walked right on at 7:58 (two minutes to closing).

We did it in the last hour we went to DHS on the first day (RD TSMM) only 25 min wait. Skipped it second day (RD SDD), and RD it on the last day because we had FP+ for SDD, and one of the people with us isn’t really into ToT or RnRC. We were not staying late and they wanted to go on one more time so we RD’ed. I lucked into Pilot both times. We ended up getting FP+ TSMM, ToT, RnRC with no issue, left around 3 pm. I go home today :sob: back again in April. Looking forward to MMRR.