Best strategy MK Day 1

For background- this is our second trip. Last trip was Nov 18. Kids 3 and 6.

We are going to be getting to Disney by noon on Day 1. Plan is to do MK for a couple hours prior to Chef Mickeys at 6.

This is our highest crowd level day. At an 8!
I’m thinking go see castle and have our three fast passes. We have a lot more time in MK.

Where would you go? Looking for easiest and the least crowded part of the park. Also that will be good intro rides for my 3 year old. Nothing too scary.

Where would you start? I was thinking future world? Better option never been on an 8 day!

I assume you mean Tomorrowland. (Futureworld is at Epcot.)

You’ll be at MK during the height of busyness (the afternoon), so definitely keep expectations low. You might want to focus your time on two adjacent lands in terms of FPs, and then fill in as you have time other rides in the area. I assume you plan to have another MK day later in your trip? If so, do the rides that give you the most bang for the buck. For example, if you plan to do Tomorrowland and perhaps Fantasyland, you can get on the PeopleMover with minimal wait usually, but a long ride. Same with It’s a Small World. Those are good choices to fill in (not FP). Laugh Floor is a good option as well, since it is a show. Then maybe try for a FP on Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, and/or Winnie the Pooh?

I would mostly watch some shows and the parade unless you can get on a ride with minimal wait. Philharmagic, Tiki birds, climb through the treehouse, whatever.

rookie mistake— yes tomorrowland!!

My original thought was… FP Buzz, tomorrow land speedway?, and its a small world. But try and go to people move, Monsters Inc, Carousel of Progress(completely missed this last time) I was wondering if Tommorrowland would be less packed then Fantasyland?

This would be a good day to hit the parade! And we haven’t done the tree house before or Tom Sawyer Island.

Yes. That’s a good one. And, as @jcgoblue said, Philharmagic. I can’t believe I didn’t suggest it myself. :slight_smile:

But, recommending Tiki birds just means @jcgoblue doesn’t like you. :wink:

There is often a wait to get across the river on busy days, but once you are over there, it is a lot of fun…but plan a lot of time. At least an hour, plus waiting time.

Tree House is an easy walk through with basically no wait. It can take a while if crowds are higher just because you get backups as people stop to look at everything.

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And Philharmagic is also kind of right there. These are great ideas. Really need to decide which way we will head. I don’t think we will want to cross the park, as fighting through crowds doesn’t sound too appealing.

I like the idea of starting with the parade, then heading to one of these lands. Will the Tomorrowland entrance be packed with parade watchers? Maybe we can grab a snack watch the parade…

To answer and earlier question, we have several half days planned in MK, staying at GF. We have 6 half days planned. One might get cut if too tired one day. So Im not too concerned with getting a ton in. Just want a nice intro for the kids.

This I don’t know…honestly, we generally avoid the parade…it is a great time to grab some reduced waits on rides. :slight_smile:

The question is for the afternoon, though…not the morning.

See? :slight_smile:

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Fixed! I’m still half asleep at my desk. gonna get up & go get caffeine…:sleeping:

I appreciate what you wrote! But yes unfortunately it’s the afternoon on a high crowd day. Actually the highest of our whole stay! But we have a park ticket since it was maybe 10 to add on. Trying to find the least overwhelming plan, because we have to see the castle!

Off topic, I know…but I was quite addicted to caffeine. I was having all kinds of issues like getting headaches if I didn’t have it in the morning, feeling sluggish without it, and even if I stopped consuming it by noon, was having difficulty sleeping at night.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I weaned off it over the course of 3 weeks (my doctor told me you should never stop caffeine cold turkey). Now, I’m caffeine free and feeling better not only in the morning, but sleeping better at night. Turns out, I actually have MORE energy than when I was consuming caffeine.


What time of the year are you going? You mentioned the speedway and it is hotter than all get out in the summer. And the queue moves super slow since it’s a slow loading ride.

Are you eating lunch in the park? You could always grab a QS lunch at BOG or LTT and schedule your FPs for some of the Disney classics - HM, POC, PPF. I think in general Fantasyland rides have a greater amount of same-day FastPass availability that other lands so you could always plan to get 4th/5th FPs in that area if you have time.

I think between your FPs, a QS lunch and/or fun snack (Hi, Dole Whips!!) and just maybe generally planning on soaking in the atmosphere it’ll be a fun day even with the crowds. I also highly recommend TSI as a fun way to escape the crowds. My kids love it - for sure plan an hour for it if you decide to head over there. We were in MK on an 8 day in July last year and it was fine - we had a great day!

Thank you! We are going after Easter, so not summer heat but I expect it to be warm. Great ideas. Is TSI hot? Or is there shade? Might be good for after a flight to get energy out…

There’s decent shade there for sure. And yes, excellent for getting energy out. My kids never want to leave!

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Play around with the Touring Plans software to see what the expected wait times for some of the rides will be on you MK afternoon. I think you may be able to hit the mid-level attractions like It’s a Small World, Little Mermaid, and some of the small kiddie flat rides with a moderate wait. Very unlikely that you will see any of the major attractions with anything less than an hour wait, though. But be prepared to be flexible and modify your plan as needed based upon the reported times in the Touring Plans Lines app.

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Thank you!