Best Strategy for

This is going to get typed just like how I’d ask it because I can’t figure out how to summarize since I’ve not been to UOR since 1998.

DS33 and DGD14 are spending 2 days at Universal. I bought their tickets through Sam’s Club and unfortunately under my name. They cannot be transferred over the phone and I have to go to the parks with them so that they can get their tickets according to person I spoke to at Universal.

I am not staying, though. Just there long enough to get their tickets and then DH and I are headed to AK. Kids will Uber back and forth the rest of the time.

What is my best strategy for parking to make this as quick as possible? I realize I may have to pay to park just to do this. Or will it be cheaper for all of us to Uber over and DH and I to Uber to AK?

Does it have to be in the morning? I think parking is free after 6 as long as there is not HHN?

Yes, it does. I am thinking Uber to Hard Rock might be my best bet. Or, can I park at one of the hotels and have their guest services help instead of going to the gate?

I did some more digging. I think I’m going to do valet parking for the $26 for 2 hours. It’s cheaper than Uber and I’ll not have to fuss with running around a parking garage.

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I don’t know if I’m too late for this…when I was there I lost my bag and universal found it two days later. When we went to pick it up, my husband was able to park outside the parking garage. I think it said pickup only or something like that. I think taxis, buses etc. waited there. I can’t remember exactly. We just explained that I was only walking in to get my bag and coming right back. He had to wait in the car but it wasn’t a big deal and we didn’t have to pay. It was still a long walk but the fastest option. Maybe your husband can wait at the car while you get the tickets. Hope that helps.

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Thank you for sharing this idea…If I ever need to do it again, I will try it. I did end up utilizing the Valet Parking option.