Best strategy for RD after EMM?

I can think of numerous different ways you could plan to do rope drop after Early Morning Magic, but I am not sure which is best. My temptation is to head to Frontierland for the mountains, but is it common for Splash not to be running right at RD? Maybe do Tomorrowland instead and get a couple of turns on Space? Reading other reports it seems it’s a common occurrence for it not to be up at RD either though?

What would you do considering that we would want to be back to Pinnochio Village Haus by 9:30 for breakfast?

I’m hoping to RD BTMR followed by SM and (super ambitious, I know) HM on the way back to Pinnochio Village Haus by 9:45.

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Any idea where they will hold us in between Fantasyland and Frontierland? Or would we be allowed to get all the way to the BTM que?

From every review I’ve read, we will not be restricted and will be able to make our way to other areas before RD.

That would be great! I was thinking we’d lose quite a few minutes if we were held in Fantasyland until opening.

I think both BTMRR and Splash at RD is super ambitious @wesamfa

When are you doing EMM?

We did this last month. We were held just before Peter Pan - they let folks with EMM head down to Peter Pan, but as soon as they were off, they had to head back to the line. The rope drop crew was definitely in front of us. But we only waited about 10 minutes for BTMRR and no wait at Splash. Unfortunately HM was a 30 minute wait when we were done so that was a no go.



I had planned to FP HM just in case.

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@FindMeAFishingSpot - what time did you make it back to PVH for breakfast?

We had a different strategy for EMM that day because we were doing 3 parks in one day and were really using it to get 3 rides out of the way early (it was a quick birthday trip with only 2 park days). So we did PP once, then WtP once and 7DMT 3 times and hit breakfast around 8:40. We were in line to head to Frontierland around 8:55am. If we did head back to PVH, I estimate it would have been around 9:45ish. The walk on at Splash really helped.

The last times we did EMM we did Space twice and Buzz once before heading back to PVH around 9:30.

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So you would say it’s a reasonable expectation to be able to ride Space and Buzz both within 30 minutes at rope drop?

Side note: I feel like I am inching closer and closer to my version of a perfect MK touring plan.

  • EMM - ride 7DMT, PP, and WTP
  • RD Space and Buzz
  • Breakfast at PVH
  • FPs for BTMR, Splash, and POC

Early dinner at Ohana (5pm)
HEA dessert party at 9!



No you won’t. You will be held in Fantasyland until possibly just before the official rope drop.

Sometimes they open up IASW for some of EMM and hold you there I believe. But that is about as far as you can get. You’ll have your own rope drop!