Best strategy for MK and Hoop Dee Doo?

We are planning on touring MK the same day we check in to Fort Wilderness (already did the on line check in), and that same day we are doing Hoop Dee Doo at 6:15PM. We plan to arrive at MK or Fort Wilderness around 8AM that day by car and our MK touring plan ends with 7DMT (fastpass for 4:35PM).

Of course we want to be able to get to the MK entrance as early as possible, but we also want to make sure we get to our Hoop Dee Doo reservation on time.

My question is would it be best to drive first to Fort Wilderness, park in the main lot, take the internal bus to the boat launches, take the boat to MK, then at the end of the day take the boat back to Fort Wilderness and take a short walk to Pioneer hall, OR, would it be best to first drive to MK, do the tram/monorail, then at the end of the day get back to our car via monorail/tram, drive to Fort Wilderness, park in the main lot, then take the internal bus to Pioneer Hall?

The great thing about HDDR is that they provide ample transportation for you after the show. You don’t have to go to any great lengths to get to or from there.

We spend the day at MK and take the boat to FW. After, you grab a bus (or you can take the boat if weather permits) back to MK to get to the TTC.

Enjoy! It’s one of the absolute best things to do at Disney!

So you recommend driving to MK first, not Fort Wilderness?

I would actually drive to FW first. That way after the show you can just go pick up the car from the main building and head to your cabin or campsite.

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