Best strategy for "forcing" one attraction time in a PTP for when it works best for us?

I have made my very first set of PTPs, and I am very excited that I can start booking my FP+ reservations late tonight. My question is about moving an attraction out of the order that the software recommends. Currently, my PTP has us riding Buzz Lightyear last, at about 8:39. This time works out great for all of us except for my 2 yo, who may be falling asleep or at least be very cranky by then. I really want him to experience this ride. I know that I can move this step to an earlier spot in the plan and click “Evaluate” to update the expected wait times. But if we find that we have to re-optimize the plan once we are at the parks because of something unexpected, that ride may be once again moved to a time slot that does not work for us. I understand that I will not be able to drag and drop to reorder the plan again from the mobile app or mobile web version, correct?

Is there a better method for seeing one attraction out of the order the PTP recommends? Should I schedule it as a “break” with a specific time, and add a note saying that this is when we plan to ride Buzz Lightyear? Should we just use Lines to find a time when the attraction has a short wait, and go ride it then (I realize this may throw off the times on the rest of the plan)? Any other suggestions?

I know that once I obtain and enter our FP+ selections into the software, the recommended attraction order may change, but this would still be good to know in case it happens with another attraction at some point.

Go with moving to where you want it and then evaluating. I would not worry about it being moved back to a later time when you re-optimize. If that does happen, you can always just go to Buzz whenever it is convenient, tick it off as done, and then re-optimize again to get back on plan.

OK…will do. Thanks!

Assuming you get a FPP for Toy Story Mania, then there’s a pretty good chance that when you reoptimize it will keep your time to visit that attraction somewhere in the FP window, since there’s very little chance that your overall wait time at the Studios will be lower if you didn’t use FP for that attraction (unless you ride first thing in the morning, in which case it wouldn’t matter, because you would already have marked that step as “done” before reoptimizing).