Best strategy for 3 day trip

We have hopper passes for all three days. First two days start at Disneyland. What should our overall strategy be?


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I tend to do 3-day trips to DLR and can get everything done at least once!

Are you planning to buy Genie+? When are you going? Who’s in your party? What do you want to do? These answers will help us help you better!

I find it helpful to follow others’ trip reports to get ideas. There is one going on right now:

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We have Genie + and will use lightning lanes. Nov 28-30. 3 year old, 8 year old, and a couple of adults. We want to do it all minus, Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Incredicoaster, and Guadians (kids are too scared of them).

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I will let others who are better experts weigh in, but I would say it is worth using rider swap to do Gaurdians because it is so much fun, and Incredicoaster has a single rider line if someone decides theybwant to jump on while the family does things on the pier.

One last question, are you staying onsite? That makes a difference for morning strategy!


Yes we are staying onsite.

Love the idea about rider swap and single lane. I’ve been on both rides a number off times though, so we are ok just doing the rides the kids want.


My usual advice is to try to hit everything in Disneyland on Day 1. Typically I would say to start at DCA the second day so you can do the same. But since your APR is for DL both days, maybe you’ll want to split DL in two and do half each day, and hit DCA in the evenings both days. Something like:

Day 1: Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, SWGE, Cars Land, Pixar Pier, Nighttime entertainment
Day 2: Adventureland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, rest of DCA, Nighttime entertainment
Day 3: Repeats and pickups

This is just an example - you could mix and match.

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DCA headliners can sold out quickly, so I would recommend one morning to start at DCA. Toy Story Mania, new SpiderMan ride, Radiator Springs, Soarin, can all be done in one morning, then lunch/shopping/smaller rides, then switch over. It’s harder to get LL/lines are longer later in the day.

Also, 28th is a Monday. People tend to start at Disneyland on Monday morning and often the lines to get in at RD goes all the way to DCA. Get there early.