Best Stategy for meeting Elsa and Anna in Epcot

Does anyone have a good strategy for meeting Elsa and Anna in Epcot? We don’t have breakfast reservations. I heard to go straight to Norway when Epcot opens, but I thought that the World Showcase doesn’t open until 11. We will be there Spring Break of this year.

Norway opens at 9am. You don’t need any special strategy to meet them normally, they rarely have a long wait these days. But at Spring Break you’re probably right to go there at RD if they’re a priority. Most people heading to Norway will do FEA first and then meet them.


FWIW, in February of last year (Presidents’ Week even), I walked by and saw the wait time was 20 minutes and decided to go for it.

It was INSTANT. I was let into one waiting room, and within 2 minutes was let into the room to meet them. I was out in less than 10 minutes from entering the line.


Does Norway open early when there are Early magic hours? Specifically Anna Elsa and Frozen Ever After. Or is it still 9?

We were just there in mid-December. We waited until after dinner, close to 7pm and had a 1 minute wait. We basically walked through and they were finishing up with the person in front of us. So if the evening hours are okay for you, it doesn’t hurt to wait til the end of the day!