Best Standard room at AKL

We have a trip booked to AKL! It’s our first stay there. We have a standard room…we love being close to the lobby…transportation. Do you have a room you recommend?

To the best of my recollection, we stayed in 7707. It’s 3rd floor, so just 1 up from the lobby, and a few rooms down from the elevator. We liked the location very much because it seemed like we walked through the front door and about 2 seconds later we were in our room. There is also a convenient stairwell to use, which is always faster than an elevator…unless you have a stroller.
Only con with that room is that it overlooks the Porte Cochere and at certain times of the day there will be delivery trucks parking to drop things off basically right under the balcony.

Hope that helps!


When is your stay? I promised someone I would not post a certain room number until after their stay? That beng said- for Jumbo the lobby is on the 3rd floor. I like rooms on the 4th floor (one floor up) which are rooms that are in the 4000s.

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We are staying 8/13-8/16. The rooms I’ve been looking at are on the 4th floor.

Thanks! I’ll look at that room!

I just reread your question…I must have thought you were looking for a studio with standard view. Sorry about that!

We stayed on the fourth floor near the lobby in kudu trail. Highly recommend those first few rooms on the left. I have no idea of the number (brain is mush), but also we walked past an ice machine so I would fill up our drinks bottles with ice on the way out so that we had a cool drink for later in the day.

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That’s ok…:grinning:

Thanks!! That area looks great to me and so close to the lobby!

We stayed on the 4th floor a few weeks ago, I believe the room was 4415 but don’t hold me to that. It was very close to the elevators, and 1 floor up from the lobby. It was very convenient and close to everything. Also, it was amazing to me how they kept the room so quiet since the door faces the lobby. You could not hear any noise from the lobby once the door closed. Loved it.

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We are staying in October for the first time and I did a standard room request for a bunk bed room in kudu… I’ve read that has the potential for the best “standard” view of animals/savanna!

We stayed in Kudu trail section and had a great view!

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