Best spots to watch Illuminations

I was planning on doing the FEA Dessert party to watch Illuminations but since I waited too long for my sister to confirm she wanted to do the party it looks like it is sold our for our date. I am OK with not doing the party but I was looking forward to watching the fireworks in a good location stress free. Where are some good locations we can watch the fireworks? I am open to all suggestions and I look forward to hearing some of your experiences. TIA!

I liked this spot that was recommended on these forums.


It’s below the bridge between France and England. Quite a large area.

Here’s the view:


Germany. My favorite spot to watch.

Plus, there’s extra magic there when the caramel shop closes.



Some good info here:

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Whichever way the wind is NOT blowing in your face.

Seriously. Any of these listed are awesome…until the wind blows all the smoke and ash your direction.


what she said

Thanks everyone! I was super bummed yesterday when I couldn’t book the dessert party, but it does seem like there are plenty of good spots to watch Illuminations. I will look at this as a positive and maybe spend the money somewhere else on my trip.

There’s also a dining a package for Illuminations at the Rose and Crown.

They just opened it a few days ago.

We considered it but went for the FEA since our girls are huge fans but I would have preferred Rose and Crown.

Thank you!! We actually have dinner reservations for Rose and Crown one night so I will check this out!

Thanks again for this suggestion!! I just made a reservation for my family. I actually prefer this over the dessert party and I am really excited.

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No problem I’m glad I could help. Now I’m jealous. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone sat in the reserved seating for Illuminations? Where is it, exactly?

Never mind! I found the FastPass+ area.

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