Best snacks wdw snacks


Looking for suggestions of what people have for famous Disney snacks. Open to all ideas


Dole Whip float was the most surprisingly good snack I had.


If you type "snacks" into the search you'll get 50 threads come up, each with dozens of posts...


Thanks for that​:+1:


Carrot cake cookie from DHS... I crave one on a regular basis. :yum:


Dole Whip Float and Cream Cheese Pretzel


Darth Vader Cupcake at Hollywood Studios was tasty!


Can't go wrong with a Mickey Icecream Bar. We love the Goofy Sour Gummy Worms. Turkey legs are good to share. School Bread from Norway in Epcot is to die for. Quad Venti anything from Starbucks is the best use of a snack credit anywhere in the world.