Best snacks to try


DLR has Mickey shaped macaroons, beignets, baby Groot bread, Matterhorn macaroons, and many many more.

What does WDW have besides rice crispies and dole whip?

I tried the upside down pineapple cake and loved it but I’m craving for more on my next visit.


Apparently there are cheeseburger eggrolls in MK (Adventureland I think but not sure) that are really good.

Unfortunately for me my son is only interested in those turkey legs that are way too big for him and that I end up having to finish… :turkey:


I thought the churro ice cream sandwich, and waffle dessert sandwich, at Sleepy Hollow, was pretty good.


Disney Food Blog has SO many.
Dole whips
Cats Tail (cinnamon roll with chocolate)
Nutella Waffles
Candy Apples
Caramel pretzels

School bread
Maple popcorn
Ice cream brioche sandwiches
Pastries in the French pavilion
Fish and chips

ok. Hardly anything here - just a butterfinger cupcake
Carrot cake cookie

Pulled pork Mac n cheese
Dessert at Satuli canteen

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.


Where do the even find turkeys with legs that big?


Some mysteries are better left unsolved.


Let’s give a shout out to the Darth Vader cupcake at HS! It is one of my favorites!


You don’t want to know…

(Rumor/Urban Legend is it’s emu.)


Good to know! We’ve got a dessert party booked. Lol


We have wild turkeys that show up in our neighborhood every once in a while. In the wild, they are skinny little things, not at all like the turkeys we buy for Thanksgiving.

Of course, it would be un-American of us to consume something in its natural form! I mean, that’s just crazy talk!


You are going to start the hecklers off again! You really need to join the Brit thread. I am going to respond to your comment there, so the barrackers can avert their eyes. :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::wink:


In addition to those mentioned, everything in Karamell Kuche in Germany.

There are so many amazing snacks at WDW!


My all-time favorite snack at Disney wasn’t even a Disney item. It was the chocolate chunk brownie at the Starbucks in Epcot. Best brownie I think I’ve ever had.

If you want something tasty, but less expensive, The Earl of Sandwich has a nice tasty selection of cookies and such in Disney Springs.


The cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern are delicious and huge. We got two for the four of us to share.

And I’ll add a vote for the carrot cake cookies at DHS. They’re my favourite.


My plan for the day was to spend a bit of time mapping out snacks we might want to try for our upcoming trip! So this thread is perfect.
Dole whip is my personal must do. We usually go during Food and Wine, I LOVE snacking around the booths and am looking forward to doing a similar thing over spring break, but more in the country pavilions (I know there are food booths during Flowers and Gardens as well, but at least last years options didn’t cry out to me too much). DD and I are planning out our eating around the world!


Next on my list to try is the Nutella waffle sandwich.

The reason I distrust Disney Food Blog is that she seems to like everything regardless if it is good or not. She seems to go for shock value exclusively. Cheesy and gooey? Then it’s a must try. Obscenely huge? Then it’s a must try. Has a funky pink color? Then it’s a must try. She isn’t really a critic.


Oh, I’ve seen her talk poorly about foods. I watch the videos and don’t read the blog. Maybe it reads differently. I know she’s not a fan of that drink with cotton candy on top, the pizza place at DHS and a bunch of other things. I think she prefers to talk about what she likes and not talk about the things she doesn’t.


Plastic cheese on repeat…yes we get the joke.


Yeah. That is totally annoying. Lol


Cookie ice cream sandwich- I got mine at Plaza this trip but you also used to get them at Sleepy Hollow. I’m not sure if they still have them there or not.

All American Sunday at Plaza- hot fudge, peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream. :yum: this was my new discovery this trip.

Also love the ice cream in France pavilion at Epcot and it’s very reasonably priced.

(Can you sense a theme here? I love the ice cream.:joy:)

Lastly I will echo school bread in Norway and dole whips in MK.