Best "snacks" for a meal


What are your favorite DDP qualifying snacks that you think are substantial enough to consider a light meal?

After much deliberation we bit the bullet and purchased the dining plan but will likely be one QS meal short for our current plans. I think we will have more than plenty of snacks, however, and could use a couple of those as a meal.

Any suggestions?


I saw on a Disney food vlog the recommendation to use snack credits for breakfast. Some of the snack items like bagels, etc., are big enough for a light breakfast. I can’t recommend specifics, though.


Fried rice and egg rolls from Yak andnYeti QS. BBQ fries from Flametree. Ham and Cheese from French Bakery




Hehe! You sound like my DS8. A couple weeks back, I had made some chocolate chip pumpkin bread. The next day, he ate some for breakfast. Later in the day, after dinner, he wanted to know if there was dessert. I said, “You had pumpkin bread.” He said, “That was breakfast.” I said, “Um. No.”



I was going to say the ham and cheese at the France pavilion also, but don’t forget the option to split QS meals between two people if you haven’t already considered that. Some have quite a lot of food for only one person if you don’t want a big meal.


Cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern is huge.


DD13 would be more than happy for this to be her breakfast everyday!


Bagels and cream cheese at the resorts are snacks too


French Fries with Pulled Pork and Cheese at Flame Tree BBQ (not sure if it qualifies as snack)


@PrincipalTinker reminded me that I would get my wife a side of eggs as a snack instead of a full meal at our resort. Also I would substitute the drink included with a meal for a snack in the mornings (side of eggs, muffins, bagels, etc). We were using our mugs for coffee anyway. Our older son only wanted a muffin.


Haha, if it was our house, it would be breakfast! And possibly lunch depending on how big the loaf was.:grin:


Any festivals going on at EP, if there are the food booths are an option and good value for a snack credit


The Festival of Holidays does begin in the middle of our trip! That’s a great idea!


I haven’t read the thread, but the fried rice at Y&Y food trucks (the outside place not the TS) is plenty!

Also the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s for breakfast.

A sundae at Plaza




Well, the more complete story is that I made three loaves. The first loaf we ate for DESSERT the night that I made them. The second loaf I gave as a “gift” to my son and his wife. The third was MEANT to be DESSERT the following evening. The fact that they went ahead and consumed it for breakfast does not mean I’m planning to make a SECOND dessert! :unamused:


Strawberry and cream waffle from Sleepy Hollow, the vegetarian chili or clam chowder at Columbia Harbor House, the Asian noodle salad at Caravan Rd, fries with pulled pork from Flame Free BBQ, any of the sandwiches from the Smiling Crocodile. :slight_smile:


The waffles at Sleepy Hollow aren’t snack credits as far as I know.


The ones with strawberries and whipped cream are. The waffle sandwiches (chicken / fruit & Nutella / cheese & egg) are not. :slight_smile: