Best Snacks at WDW

I’ve actually found that sunflower seed butter tastes much closer to peanut butter - especially when made into cookies or put in chocolate cups.

My 16yo ds has packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for school/camp since preschool. He has a host of sensory challenges and is autistic so the menu of foods he eats is very short.

I was really worried when he started attending a summer camp that didn’t allow any nuts/nut products at all. Ds’s preferred peanut butter is Trader Joe’s creamy so I picked up TJ’s sun butter and almond butter for him to try. I thought the sun butter tasted hideous and far preferred the taste of the almond butter BUT ds was the opposite. I think it comes down to texture. The sun butter has almost the same exact consistency as the creamy peanut butter, while the almond butter is a bit gritty.

For years ds moved seamlessly between peanut butter for school and sun butter for summer camp. :slight_smile:


The kids use Sunbutter. But I can’t stand the aftertaste. I like almond butter better.

When making something like no bake chocolate cookies, Sunbutter works well enough.


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