Best Snacks at WDW, do you agree?

After reading the article, I’ve concluded I need to eat more snacks at Disney. I haven’t had any on the list!


I’ve not had the majority of those snacks either. I forgot about skool bread which is way better than cat tail or churro. Why isn’t skool bread on the list; taste is too subjective

Pongu lumpia is also much better than a cat tail.


Aside from #1, that list, dear readers, is a wonderful example of heresy.

And the cat tail is fine. It’s not nearly worthy of a “top 10” spot, but I’d get that before a cheeseburger egg roll(which is clearly not deserving to be there either)


Share your list? Or is it out there in the cyberspaces somewhere already???

I’d have to think about it. But dole whip would obviously be at the top somewhere.

There also needs to be clear and established rules. Like drinks? Not :clap: a :clap: snack. :clap: the dolewhip float is likely the only exception.

Otherwise the whole menu of Starbucks gets on the table and no one wants that.

Edit: Also, do epcot festival booths count? What about Disney springs?


Agreed. I think all variations of a snack (like all iterations of dolewhip, or all kinds of churros) have to be considered one snack. Otherwise you could have a top 10 that’s just variations on a dolewhip.

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Also, a chocolate chip cookie is a chocolate chip cookie and I can get a chocolate chip cookie literally anywhere. It’s not like the reinvented the wheel with that one.


Imma stop you right there.

Chocolate chip cookies can be very VERY unique to each other. A jumbo Mickey cookie, tastes a whole lot different to a Jack Jack cookie, which tastes different from a Gideon’s cookie.


That is a very valid approach. But I think it worth noting if there are particular variations of note within that single slot. (A Peter Plan float is my primary dole whip target for this trip.)


Yes, but if a chocolate chip cookie is among the best you have to offer out of the hundred+ snacks you offer then I don’t know that I’d be motivated to try more of them.

Are you trying to say that a chocolate chip cookie can’t be exceptional? To be completely honest, I don’t know that I’ve ever had another snack or dessert that is much better than a regular homemade toll house fresh from the oven. And the best of the best chocolate chip cookies are transcendent.

That said, bad chocolate chip cookies suck.


Very true. It is certainly not the case that if you have tried one chocolate chip cookie you have tried them all.

As far as snacks on the top ten, I personally would have the cream cheese soft pretzels (both kinds) found at the Lunching Pad. And the Lumpia from Pongu Pongu (which I know others don’t agree with). I would likely add School Bread as well.

I would not have Dole Whip on the list. Tried it. Was okay, but nothing amazing. Just so so.

Cut to the chase. Which is better? Jack Jack or Gideon’s?


Jack Jack’s is good, but not enough chocolate chips. (Honestly, Gideon’s is probably a little overboard, but “oh I wish there was less chocolate” was famously quoted by no one, ever. )

And this is why you’re not consulted on important decisions. :slight_smile:


I suppose there is something to be said about a snack being on a top ten list not because of how it tastes (although still a part of it), but also the classicness of it.

Take, for example, the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a basic ice cream sandwich. Better than some you get from the grocery store, but not by a lot, and not nearly as good as say the Nestle Tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwich. And yet, EVERY trip to Disney, I end up buying multiple Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich because it is classic Disney experience. If I judged by taste alone, it would absolutely not be on my list…but it actually IS on my list of top ten snacks (that I buy) because I probably buy that snack more than any other!

And if going by that, I might now add Blue Milk from HS to the list. It is a fine snack. Unique, not necessarily amazing. But it is a “new” classic Disney snack that I suspect I’ll get each time I go much like getting Butterbeer from WWoHP.

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Drinks. Are. Not. Snacks. (I don’t care about the DDP classification)

No one in the history of ever has said “Go get some snacks from the store!” And expected someone to come back with nothing but smoothies.


Generally, that is probably true. Although I put what is effectively a shake in the snack category. Because if you don’t include shakes, you might as well have to eliminate ice cream from snack categories as well.

Of course not. You can’t buy shakes or smoothies from the store. They have to undergo processing that keeps them simultaneously liquid and solid. If you take a shake and place it in a freezer…it becomes solid!

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Snacks and drinks are separate categories.

Example: meet me at the Nomad Lounge. I’ll buy you some snacks and drinks.



I swear you guys are just TRYING to miss the point I was making.