Best Snacks at WDW, do you agree?

OH I LOVE MISTER MISTY!!! Grape please! (no suicides)


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Nobody Cares: The Movie?

yeah, I’m an a-hole. So what else is new?


Well at least you’re consistent and predictable!

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After taking much input from the fam (which I may or may not choose to ignore as I wish in my role as matriarch), “we” have settled on the following classifications for our family. YMMV.

Snacks are anything smaller than a normal meal portion eaten between meals. A child’s portion may qualify as a snack. Splitting a normal meal portion may qualify as a snack. A normal meal portion may even be considered a snack if normally timed meals are still eaten (or were intended to be eaten!). Any type of food substance may qualify as a snack. Including soup.

Beverages are not snacks, but may take the place of a snack. Beverages are intended to be sipped from a cup or through a straw. The edition of accessory chewables (boba, ice, etc) does not change its intended beverage status, nor would putting it in a bowl just because, nor if a thicker-than-usual status suggests a spoon to be useful (such as shakes and icees). However, adding an ingredient in a form that is normally eaten with a utensil converts it to a snack (ex. a float). We acknowledge there is thus a fine line between a shake being a beverage but a float being a snack but that’s where we’ve landed. (Not unanimously.) Consuming something as if it were a beverage (ex. cup-a-soup) does NOT change its classification to a beverage.

A collection of snacks can take the place of a meal (ex. tapas). Appetizers are really just snacks timed to be eaten before a normal meal potion at a mealtime. Calling them appetizers when eaten singly between meals will invoke an eye roll.

And if DH wants cereal to be considered a soup, I will grant that. Because he pays for it. As well as the Disney trips.

Please proceed with your “snack” suggestions and I re-categorize them on my end as needed if necessary.


(oh derp, it wasn’t playing. Fixed.)


What the heck is that?

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Sooooo close. So close. But no.


No. You don’t get to just change classifications cause you fancy it. Society is based on rules.

Wow. Grand slam. Not one correct classification or justification for such either. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.


@Randall1028 Still. Waiting.


That’s the “Supa Hot Fire” gif (in image form). You use it when someone really nails a joke or performance or something.


@amvanhoose make sure you have a snack while you wait…

I can’t. It’s a meal time here. :laughing:


There’s an idea. Stick to the Hobbit meals, and there is no need to call ANYTHING a snack.


While technically meals, the reality of that is that everything pretty much becomes a snack. Which I’m not opposed to. :laughing:

I think, ultimately what matters is not what anyone else wants to call it, but what Disney wants to call it which makes the best financial sense for their guests! :slight_smile: So, let’s call EVERYTHING a snack, and you can then spend your snack credits that way. Want that Wagu Beef? No problem. It’s a snack! Tonga Toast? Snack! :slight_smile:

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Once again: this is why you’re not consulted on big decisions.


But doesn’t the fact that there are currently NO snack credits totally invalidate your whole system there? :joy:


When talking hypotheticals, don’t give me technicalities! :wink:


Folks, there’s no way I’m doing a Snacks poll anytime soon. Ya’ll are just too passionate about this subject, I can’t even get a proper definition. I think I’ll do a less controversial topic for my next poll, like which religion is best or how to bring lasting peace to the Middle East.