Best snack options as a meal?

We are going with my twin daughters in December and I know they can eat off our plates but wondering what people’s favorite snacks are that could be a meal option? For example, the chicken fried rice at Yak and Yeti.

Going to MK and AK only this trip. Thanks!

Can you clarify your question a bit?

How old are your daughters? Under 3?

You mention Yak & Yeki fried rice, but that is not a snack. It’s counter service (quick service) at Yak & Yeti local food cafe.

Snacks are typically popcorn, ice cream, coffee & tea, pieces of fruit, a pastry, a bottle of water… that sort of thing.

If the girls are quite young, you may just want to pack snacks that you know they like to have on hand in the parks.

Yes, my twins are under 3 so I was looking for options for smaller items that could be a meal for them. I don’t want to “waste” a QS credit when they aren’t going to eat the whole meal. I figured snacks might be a better option but don’t want their meal to be popcorn per se.

At Yak and Yeti cafe, the chicken fried rice is a snack option per TP’s listed menu.

However, if it is easier, the question could be restated as:

What snack credit item do you feel like could be a meal in and of itself?


Oh and of course I will bring my own snacks, I have a small pantry in my car haha. But again, looking for more of a meal than a snack. Thanks again!

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Outside of Epcot and the Yak & Yeti quick service location, I think you’re going to be hard pressed to find much protein in the standard snack options. That said, the changes to the dining plan mean that now you can use a snack credit for a side item, and/or trade your dessert (lunch and dinner only, so if you’re not big breakfast folks I’d suggest just using snacks to get some fruit and saving the QSs for later meals) for a side.

How much extra you’ll need depends on A. how much you and your other adults eat, and B. how much your daughters like whatever you’re sharing. Unless you and your other over-3s and your littles are ALL big eaters then I doubt you’ll need to use a whole QS just for the littles (even if the 2 share). We’ve found that there’s usually enough food to share between 2 adults and one toddler in 2 QS/TS meals… I still find myself sharing some QS meals (like a turkey leg, or popcorn chicken) with my 9 year old niece. I’d say plan to use 1 QS/TS per over-3 person, and then maybe just use a snack or your dessert option at lunch/dinner for an extra side or buy a kids’ entree a la carte (kids’ meals tend to be pretty inexpensive, so definitely don’t waste a QS on them!) if you think you still need it, especially since the sides are usually what littles like the best anyway.

Also, in my experience kids that age never want to eat much when we eat (especially at WDW), but then they’re hangry little beasts 30 minutes after. Bring a small empty snack container to take any little-approved leftovers, like bacon or sausage or popcorn chicken in case they just won’t eat when you get the meal.

Thanks so much for the responses! First time using dining plan so trying to make sure I get the most out of it. I have heard the portions are pretty big so was planning on sharing the adult meals with the kids but thinking of times when they are hungry and we are not. Plan on bringing zip locks for leftover items that will keep (and for other uses).

At AK other than the Yak & Yeti location, in Asia there’s a teriyaki beef slider (Caravan Road), and samosas (Mr. Kamals). In Dinoland they have a buffalo chicken waffle slider at Trilo-Bites, but I don’t know many toddlers who like buffalo spicy. Discovery Island has 8 Spoon Cafe that has lobster mac and a 3 cheese pasta as snacks (which I was not aware of until I just started looking!).

There’s an egg roll cart in Adventureland at MK. Columbia Harbor House has a few different sides, but I think it’s mostly veggies and soup.

The rest of the snacks will be fries (which you are allowed to get with chili & Cheese now), chips, onion rings, Mickey pretzels, fruit, and popcorn… and lots of sweets and drinks, of course.

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