Best salads in the World?

I’ve seen a thread like this on Chat but didn’t SFL. What are the best salads you’ve had at Disney? In park and at resorts. Thanks!

We had a really good create your own salad at Gasparilla Island Grill at GF. I liked that it was prepared behind the counter as opposed to a salad bar where lots of germy people were close to my food.:stuck_out_tongue: The CMs were so patient with my elderly mom while she was deciding what extras she wanted on her salad. We’ve added this to our list of places to go every trip.

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My wife likes the salad at O’hana but I don’t understand why anyone would eat that with all the delicious meat and shrimp that are about to be brought to the table :grin:
Seriously, the only salad that I remember having on property was the watermelon salad at Flame Tree BBQ. I found it light and refreshing on a very hot June evening.

It seemed too healthy on its own so I also ordered the delicious onion rings and a Safari Amber.

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Hollywood Brown Derby is known for the Cobb Salad. I also really like the Mara salad at AKL.

Roaring Fork, the QS at wilderness lodge has a “great northwest” salad or something like that and it’s great, I’ve had it several times!

The seared Ahi salad at Y&Y is one of my favorite lunches in WDW. The HBD Cobb Salad is also excellent (I don’t like eggs, so I order it without). The Caprese at TI was also excellent (it’s listed with roasted peppers on the menu, but you can order it with tomatoes instead). Although Tony’s gets a bad rap, I had the Caprese there, and it was also quite good.